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4 Questions on Trump/Russia, From One Republican to Another.

Jeff Steigen

After James Comey was fired, the “I” word has been thrown around DC like a football, and the administration has been slow in its attempts to tackle the charging imbroglio. As a result,  43 percent of Americans think Congress should start the impeachment process. Thankfully, for the administration, the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller has provided some breathing room.

Isn’t that strange to think about? Most people probably never imagined a special prosecutor would be involved in this situation. But it’s happening, and in case people need a reminder after the Clinton email debacle, an FBI investigation means something. As patriots, we need to take this issue seriously.

So, as the Russia circus cools down for a while, I think there are several questions everyone—especially my fellow Republicans—should ask themselves. I’ve included my own thoughts in response to each one. Continue reading “4 Questions on Trump/Russia, From One Republican to Another.”

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