John’s Post-Election Journal (Part 1): A Neglected People

Note: This is the first installment of post-election reflections by John McDonough. His next several posts will include takeaways on what Donald Trump’s election means for the United States going forward.


After several weeks to digest, Donald Trump’s election still has America in a state of shock. A man who has shown no trace of self-control, and with an apparent lack of general knowledge of what the Executive does or stands for has led his so-called “deplorables” to the Oval Office. 

It seems this election must be a gross mistake. If Hillary Clinton had just taken a different approach in her campaign, or if her PACs had just shifted their messaging, then this never would have happened. On the other hand, if you supported Trump, then his election may seem like hitting the lottery. He had no discernible shot at the presidency, but somehow just pulled it out of thin air. Continue reading “John’s Post-Election Journal (Part 1): A Neglected People”

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