Libertarianism: Hedonism in Freedom’s Clothing

Dave Hansbury

A friend of mine once remarked, “libertarians are simply ideologically consistent progressives.” As a former libertarian, I felt some disgust at the statement. Libertarianism, at least on the surface, is the opposite of progressivism—a far-right reaction to leftward-realing world. While progressives see the state as a tool to overcome man’s oppressions in both the public and private spheres, libertarians see the state as a dangerous and often counter-productive entity which can make disparities worse. Instead, libertarians have taken on the challenge of unshackling mankind from oppression, but with  different views of what constitutes oppression and freedom.

But as I reconsidered my friend’s statement, it began to make more sense. I considered the reasons why I stopped classifying myself as a libertarian. The more I thought about it, the more I came to agree with its premise,especially as I considered the ancient philosophy of hedonism. Continue reading “Libertarianism: Hedonism in Freedom’s Clothing”

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