2 Big Problems With the Republican Replacement

As though waiting to drop the hottest mixtape of the year, House GOP leadership and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) chose to release their new Obamacare replacement plan on Monday evening when everyone was back home watching T.V. And in keeping with Trump’s theme, they’ve titled their plan the American Health Care Act (AHCA),

Unfortunately, this plan would probably see more success as an album than legislation (yes, even if it were just Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) reading over an 808). The fact is, the AHCA may not garner enough support in the House for two good reasons. First, the bill keeps a lot of Obamacare’s regulatory framework that has caused prices to rise and choice to diminish. Second, the law is based on advanceable and refundable tax credits for political reasons, which many argue essentially creates a new entitlement. Both are profound mistakes. Continue reading “2 Big Problems With the Republican Replacement”

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